Olivier Roux


portrait Olivier Roux architecte

You will find on this site twenty-five projects and studies that are the most representative of the activities of this agency specialised in interior design and visual communication.

The agency was set up by Olivier Roux (certified by CFAI, the French Federation of Interior Designers) in 2000 after working for more than 15 years in different architectural agencies as an interior designer (residential, retail and office premises...), designer of images (brand images, logos, 3D animations) and industrial consultant.

Registered interior designer with the Council of French Interior Designers (Conseil Français des Architectes d'Intérieur), 5,rue Sainte Anastase 75003 Paris

under the number 808, member of the French National Federation of Interior Designers (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d'Architectes d'Intérieur) 14, rue Fontaine,75009 Paris.

Insured with the Mutuelle des Architectes Français.

Our team, committed to innovation and creativity, offers its skills to accompany your project from the design stage to accomplishment.

An office manager is in charge of contracts, the financial follow-up of the projects and the development of the agency's activity. A team of two IT interns trained by the agency (CFAI certified) input site data.

In applying our skills we make sure:

This calls for a precise work method the different stages of which are described in the BENEFITS chapter.

To perfectly blend into the environment whilst respecting it, to reflect a personality, a lifestyle or the latest trends...

To restore life to a building, to exploit its full potential, to transform it without forgetting the past, to optimise surface area and extend volume and space, to provide light, warmth and comfort...

To advise as to the distribution and functionality of the rooms and spaces, to provide technical expertise in the areas of thermal and acoustic insulation, to choose materials that are best adapted for limiting the impact on the environment while offering innovative techniques.

To evaluate the expenses, analyse and negotiate contracts In compliance with regulations, to manage and coordinate work while respecting budgets and deadlines.

All of these aspects are involved in ensuring the architectural quality of a project.

To be able to envision a project and its final realisation as precisely as possible is a major asset and guarantee.

From visualising spaces, to finding colours, choosing materials and textures, our project studies are accompanied by sketches, mock-ups, samples, computer generated images or 3-D animations depending on the complexity of the project and the request made by the client.